Cancun Climate Summit

In the aftermath of the COP on , and for those who love cartoons, I leave hereby some links and my modest contribution. It seems that, after all, some other kids didn’t  play so fair as well…

Ainda no rescaldo da COP em Cancún, e para quem gosta de cartoons, sugiro a visita aos sites seguintes e deixo aqui a minha modesta contribuição.
Parece que afinal houve mais meninos a portarem-se mal…

Other cartoons / Outros cartoons: Climate Change Conference, Cancun Style! (cartoon), Cancun by Steve Nease, Cancun Climate Summit, Cancun, Finding climate common ground in Cancun , South Of The Border…, Game on (finally)… and many other.

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Paula Lopes da Silva Graduated in Biology, with training in Quality and Management. Project coordinator at Quercus ANCN. Civil servant at Moita Municipality. activist, ex-board member in national and european NGOs. Also interested in good governance, transparency and accountability of NPOs. Likes history and historical recreation, drawing, cartooning and performing. Roman Catholic.

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