Save and Restore our Natural Capital! A Message to Davos.

from many countries in Europe attended this week in a Conference on Biodiversity, promoted by the Spanish Presidency of the Union.

Knowing that the leader of the study The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity would speak at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic , some of them decided to prepare a message to send to the Forum.

You can get the Message to Davos here and the portuguese Press Release here.

Just as a sidenote you can read UNEP’s Press Release “Policy Leaders Consider Solutions for Biodiversity at Meeting” at

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Paula Lopes da Silva Graduated in Biology, with training in Quality and Management. Project coordinator at Quercus ANCN. Civil servant at Moita Municipality. Environment activist, ex-board member in national and european NGOs. Also interested in good governance, transparency and accountability of NPOs. Likes history and historical recreation, drawing, cartooning and performing. Roman Catholic.

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Note: this article was last updated in August 10th, 2010

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