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Yesterday I was viewing the Daily Show with Jon Howard and he interviewed Atul Gawande on his book [avhamazon wishlist=”316GBGPB468U5″ locale=”UK” asin=”1846683130″ linktype=”text” picsize=”small”]. One of the most interesting things I heard was about the results of using checklists in Hospital’s ICU and in healthcare in general. Explored in detail in the book is the study sponsored by the World Health Organization to verify if checklists made any difference to death numbers in several hospitals around the world and the results seems to be astonishing.

In a nutshell, Atul Gawande proposes “checklists” as tools to deal with the limitations of human beings in the face of complex problems in stressful environments throughout a series of real world examples.

This is for sure a must buy for me, and not only with respect to Care2x/Care3G projects.