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Well! The title is misleading but today mingling is also being present in, at least, some social networks… and they are so many.

Sold Out Activist made a plugin called PingPressFM but it only worked with WordPress regular. Since we needed it to work in WordPressμ for our new Humaneasy Consulting sites — the main site and this blog, among other ideias — I put my hands on his code and made the necessary changes to make it work.

I started with two untested patches but then I realize that too many things must be changed to make it work the way I want and… pingPressFM4μ was born.

Now it seems to works just fine. I’m testing it right now…

In a second phase we’re going to remake the Triggers part to make it JSON data and also change all JS included to make it JQuery compatible. We will also separate the admin section from the main plugin file, strip out the admin Javascript into an external file and make it translatable.


… Why is this so important?

Mainly by two reasons:

  1. It is a less expensive way to promote your business, even if you don’t advertise on those social networks
  2. It is a great way to make a brand for your business or for yourself because of its high exposure to search engines due to cross linking

For you to have an idea we posted an article ONE DAY ago and it was promoted automatically in just three social networks —, Facebook and LinkedIn — and today it appeas in Google’s first page for the search “communicating biodiversity”.

Of course, having good SEO is also fundamental. I’ll get on this latter on.

  1. Thanks for your efforts!

    Neverthless, the correct solution would be to put the file available at Box.Net, eSnips or any other of the many free file hosting available on the internet space and promote the link to it.

    Asking people to send you an email sounds always a litle bit fishy in this SPAMmy world of ours, even when the intention is good and does not hide any scam.

  2. Hello this is not a scam. We have fixed the plugin and selling it for a cost. Please don’t misdirect the readers.

  3. So two wrongs instead of just one.

    First, you are SPAMMING our blog because you are SELLING a product not mentioning that upfront;

    Second, you are SELLING a GNU GPL’ed product that is not even yours which is, at least, really wrong on the ethical side.

    If you don’t understand WHY is it spamming your first comment and WHY you should give away your patched version of PingPressFM then you should consider give something to all those that made the Free Software what it is today… because those jerks are the ones that allows you to make a nice “new” WordPress plugin to sell.

    Sorry! Free ads not on our blog.

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